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Role Play – Inbound Calls from caller ID + Message

Role Play and Having a Quality Conversation


Call Agenda:

  • Housekeeping
  • New list announcement: Medical Marijuana: Dispensaries, Doctors, and Delivery Service (use standard business list request form. Choose State+ Niche: Medical Marijuana + one of the choices: Dispensaries, Doctors, and Delivery Service
  • Coming this week: New list: Home Adviser's complete contractor database
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    • One on one coaching
    • Phone Support
    • GTW screen share tech support
    • Script writing assistance
    • Sales/pitch/pricing/close personal coaching
    • Private priority support email (for priority tickets)
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  • Role Play and having a quality conversations
  • How to personalize a Voice Drop so the recipient doesn't know it's a “drop”
    • How to have confidence in yourself and your product
    • Taking “bad” calls – because even bad calls make you better
    • Taking and running with caller ID call backs
    • How to present “what you do”
  • Q&A
    • Vouchers/credits
    • Resources
      • email campaigns/follow ups
      • Fresh Lead Extractor